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I wish I'd thought of that files

AKA The Lunatic Asylum

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Welcome to the ‘I wish I’d thought of that’ files! Come on in to the lunatic asylum! Please be careful as the lunatics are running this joint. The bar is in that corner, the chocolate stash is in that corner, the triple strength coffee is in THAT corner, and there is a potted plant in the fourth. Pull up a comfy chair and a straight jacket and join the fun!

It all started when Rowena sent me an IM stating “I wish I’d though of this!” and the section of the story she was reading at the time. I countered with one from the one I was reading and before we knew it, we had quite a large collection.

This comm is for ALL fandoms, not just the ones that Rowena and I like to read. If it's funny, post it! It doesn't matter if it's from a slash, femmeslash, het or gen fan fiction story, just that it's funny. We don’t want you to post the whole story, just the one line or three that almost made you spit your drink on your keyboard, made you laugh out loud and scare your pets/SO/co-workers/neighbors/whatever (delete as appropriate), or just made you giggle.

That being said, we DID have to have some rules in this mad house. We WILL enforce these rules. I mean we are pretty easy going and if you mess up we will give you a chance, but don’t push it.

I know that there is in no way I can set up tags for EVERY fandom out there, so I will create tags as needed for a new fandom.

Comm Rules:

1) No flaming! End of story, if you can't act like an adult (or a reasonable facsimile there of) then you will be told to take your bat, ball and board game and get the hell out of our sandbox.

2)ALL posts need to be behind an LJ cut! Please put the fandom in either the subject line or the cut text along with any warnings.

~Warnings include but are NOT limited to: Slash, Het, Squick, NC-17, R, NSFW etc.

3) ALL posts MUST have at the very least the author’s name and the story title. If you have a link to the story that would be great too!

4) Please do NOT include the usual offensive shit in either your post or any icons you might make for the comm.

~The usual suspects include but are not limited to: someone buggering a sheep or using racial slurs, along with the rest of stuff listed in the LJ TOS which brings us to rule #

5) We will allow icons/macros to be posted in this comm, either ones created by a post on the community or just a funny fandom icon you came across. Again if the icon is something you did NOT create then you will have to provide the creator’s name so they can get due credit.

6) There is NO rule 6!

This comm. Brought to you by the EBG

Your comm maintainers and moderators are ankhsenet and rowenadevandal