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The Sentinel slash warning

Jul. 4th, 2007

I love notmanos...very likely the most perfect writer EVER...:)

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And another from Stargate SG-1

And another from Stargate SG-1

Story:Legacy of the Serpent
Author: Eos
Link: http://myweb.tiscali.co.uk/feistydanny/legacyoftheserpent.htm

Again there are five for this one

"Daniel." Jack turns to look at me. "You keep chocolate in your safe?"
Oh. That's where it went.

"Because I'm not allowed to," Jack says sullenly.

"Janet's the only one who gets to tie Daniel to the bed," Sam adds. Spots of bright color appear on her cheeks as Jack and I both turn to stare at her. "That...that didn't come out quite right."

"You didn't tell me you had something kinky going with Doc," Jack says.

"I didn't know," I say. "I was probably drugged or unconscious at the time."

"Aren't you always?" Jack asks.

"My point exactly."
"After O'Neill halted your attempt to harm yourself he called Dr. Fraiser," Teal'c explains. "The two of them brought you to the SGC."

"I think I scared the crap out of Jack," I confess.

"O'Neill did indeed profess the need for fresh undergarments."

Teal'c's deadpan delivery has my mouth flapping in a mixture of both shock and amusement. He has to be the galaxy's best straight man.

"I think he was exaggerating, Teal'c."

"Perhaps," Teal'c says cryptically.
"I said get your butt back through the gate," Jack repeats.


"Because we just got you off of sick leave and I really don't want you back in the infirmary because you tangled with a bunch of space rats," Jack snipes.

"Ah...your turn."


"It's your turn to tangle with the aliens," I point out.

"Nah, can't be," Jack argues. "Carter?"

"No, sir. I got smacked around a couple of missions before Daniel," Sam says with just a hint of smugness. "It's definitely your turn."

Jack turns to stare at Teal'c, but doesn't risk suggesting that he take this turn.

"Damn it, people. You're supposed to remind me when it's my turn," Jack says with exasperation. "I would've taken some aspirin before I left home. Packed an extra clip," he adds, tightening his grip on his gun.
"Space bunnies?" Jack says incredulously. I just shrug. Like that's any worse than space monkeys? Although I am getting a vaguely disturbing image of Thor in a Playboy bunny outfit.